Customized Medical Weight Loss Programs To Fit Your Life!

You will receive a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from a board certified physician and dietary counseling from a licensed, registered dietitian. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Although our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight quickly and easily, the focus of care is to allow you to maintain your weight loss permanently so that you will not put the weight back on after you complete our medical weight loss program.

We are an aggressive weight loss program where you can lose 4 to 8 pounds per week and teach you how to keep your weight off for a Lifetime.

  • Three Different Dietary Plans including a plan designed for Type II Diabetics
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Products
  • Lose 4-8 Pounds per Week, Safely and Effectively!
  • Medically Supervised
  • Vital Signs Each Visit
  • Weekly visits to keep you motivated
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Monthly Body Measurements
  • Comprehensive Assistance with Insurance Claims
  • Comprehensive Weight Management and Maintenance Programs
  • Medical Weight Loss is Tax Deductible
  • Behavioral Modification Plans and Coaching
  • Exercise and Activity Plans

How Much Will The Program Cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of our various plans.

Included are:

  • Which plan would you like to enroll in as we offer three different plans.
  • How many weeks you are on the plan you choose.
  • The frequency of Medical Services in the plan you choose.
  • Any medical problems you may have which may determine a recommendation for us on which plan to choose.
  • How many options you may add including Lipovite and Weight Maintenance.

At your Free Consultation all plans and options will be presented to you so you can make an informed decision. There is no pressure at the Consultation and the staff member you see truly understands the decision you are making as all of our Staff at The Ageless Center has lost a significant amount of weight.

What Payment Options Are Available?

We except Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Care Credit, check and cash. At your Consultation, we will show you all options and find one that best suits you.

A financing option that offers you up to 12 months with no interest. Visit for more information on their financing programs.

Will My Insurance Cover The Plan?

There are many variables and factors in the complex world of health insurance. Most providers have so many different plans that we cannot give general advice to our patients. We will provide you with a “super bill” for your insurance company. This is signed by our physician with proper coding and any other requirements. You can then submit the bill to your Insurance Carrier for reimbursement. Although we do not see any monies ourselves, we do know that over 50% of our patients do get reimbursed for medical fees.

The IRS does allow Flexible Spending Accounts to be used for Medical Weight Loss Plans and many of our patients have used this to pay for some of their program. Proper documentation is required in order to use this benefit. We will help you through this process. If you have a “Flex Plan” though your employer, check with your Benefits Administrator to see how this will benefit you.

Tax Deduction Information

The IRS will allow people who are diagnosed by a physician as being obese to deduct the costs of the services in this program. The revenue ruling, IR 2002-19, approves the fees related to services (i.e. medical services and nutrition education meetings) when they are occurring for medically valid reasons. A person must be under the guidance of a physician in order to qualify. The ruling does not cover the cost for foods or Meal Replacements, which people would have to pay for regardless of their weight. Click here for further information concerning Medical Weight Loss Tax Deduction Information.