How Much Does It Cost?

We have weight loss plans to fit ANY budget! We are committed to making the program affordable to all. You can choose to pay in full or take advantage of interest free low monthly payment options. We have several different lenders that work with ALL credit levels.

Does Ageless work with pre-bariatric surgery patients?

Yes. We have many patients who must get to a healthier point with their weight and overall health before they can be considered for surgery.

What is the success rate of our patient base?

Losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change and we focus on that approach. We stay far away from dangerous elements of weight loss. We choose a safe, medically supervised quick weight loss approach that focuses on nutrition and long term maintenance strategies. Rather than focus on a “quick fix” mentality to lose the weight we provide a comprehensive program that takes you through to maintenance. Therefore, if you make the changes we suggest and make an effort on our program, you will lose weight. We have helped thousands clients of lose weight.

Is the weight loss plan safe for everyone?

Yes, the program was designed to help Diabetics lose weight safe and effectively. Along the way, we discovered that our weight loss plan can help anyone lose weight, especially those with Thyroid disease and cardiac patients. Our primary goal is to help everyone lose weight safe and effectively while reducing the dependency upon medication.

Has our medical staff been on our program?

Yes, our team is a product of our program. The Ageless staff understands all that you experience during your weight loss journey and will provide support, understanding, and empathy along the way.

What should I expect once I have started the program?

Every week you will meet one-on-one with one of our compassionate and trained staff member who will guide you through your weight loss program. You will receive food behavior coaching as well as support to keep you on our weight loss journey. In addition, your blood pressure will be monitored as well as other medical needs.

If you stumble or your weight loss becomes stagnate, we have plans that will keep you going until you lose your weight. After your successful weight loss, all Lifetime members are encouraged to keep coming into the office so that we can help with the maintenance component of the program. We are here to keep you encouraged.