weight loss programIf dragging yourself to the gym every day has you dreading your workout, it might be time to change it up. Having fun during weight loss programs is a must, as it will fill your life with joy and optimism. While the gym is still a great resource for cardio and muscle toning, try alternating gym days with these fun activities to keep your workout regimen fun and engaging.

Break Out Your Bike: Riding your bike is a great way to stay active and explore your community. Depending on your weight and speed, this activity burns hundreds of calories per hour. If you start missing your weekly rides during the colder months, try a spin class.

Leash Up Your Pooch: Your dog is the best exercise buddy because they will always be excited to head out the door. Whether scheduling in a walk daily or just a few times per week, this form of exercise is low impact and also beneficial to your mental health.

Learn Something New: If you have been hesitating to try out boxing or sign up for that salsa class, now is the time. By learning a new skill, you will be keeping your body and your mind sharp. This is also a great way to get a spouse, partner, or friend to join you.

Join A Sport: Adult sports leagues are a blast. You will keep moving, meet new friends, and challenge your body in a whole new way. Once you feel the competitive rush of your softball league, you won’t even remember that you are trying to lose weight.

Enlist Your Friends: Having a workout buddy or group will hold you accountable to staying active. Schedule in weekend walks or after-work yoga. Agree to check up on each other on occasion, ensuring that everyone is sticking to their wellness journey.

Weight loss does not have to be boring. With 54% of adults in the United States trying to lose weight, there are plenty of fitness options. Incorporating a variety of activities will keep you on track for fast weight loss, engaging different parts of your body and mind. If you are enrolled in one of the many Ageless weight loss programs, be sure to speak to your counselor about the best activities for your specific fitness goals.