weight loss programFor many Americans, weight loss and maintenance can be a lifelong journey. The idea of embracing a whole new routine and diet can be daunting for a lot of people. But now that the winter holidays are over and spring is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get help with weight loss. While approximately 80% of dieters are trying to lose weight on their own, a comprehensive medical weight loss program may be necessary to get the results you want. Fortunately, you’ve picked a great season to get started. If you’re looking to make a healthy change, our weight loss center can help you achieve your goals. Below are just a few reasons why this is the ideal time for dieters to start on their weight loss programs.

  1. You’ll actually want to spend time outdoors
    Diet is a huge part of weight loss, but physical fitness will always play a significant role in your health, too. Wintertime tends to be chilly and dark, leaving you with little motivation to get outside and get moving. Now that it’s close to spring, temperatures are warmer, weather is more moderate, and daylight lasts for a whole lot longer. These are all excellent excuses to get out the door and fit in your daily exercise. You don’t even have to head far from home; take a walk around your neighborhood, do some backyard gardening, or ride your bike down the block! The more you exercise, the more you’ll crave it. Being out in nature can reduce your stress and help you sleep better too, which can make it easier to make a major dietary change.
  2. You’ll have access to fresh, local foods
    When you use our weight loss program, you’ll be armed with a complete dietary plan about what kinds of foods you should be eating. But while many of us seek out comfort foods in the wintertime, one of the best parts about spring is that local fruits and vegetables become readily available again. These natural snacks beat out chemical-laden or fat-filled alternatives. Taking a trip to a local farmer’s market can be a fun activity for the whole family, too!
  3. You’ll have time to shed the pounds before summer
    Our weight loss programs are quite aggressive, which means you’ll get dramatic results in a short amount of time. Being in shape for bathing suit season is a top priority for many folks, and when you start on your weight loss journey in the spring, you’ll be right on track to look great in that swimsuit in a few months’ time. It’s always great to have a timeline in mind to make sure you’re making progress, and this one is extremely popular. When you have a limited amount of time to hit certain milestones, you’ll likely be a lot more focused.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you certainly aren’t alone. More often than not, small changes in diet or exercise may not be enough. That’s why our program works, allowing you to lose four to eight pounds a week — and keep the weight off — safely. To get started, contact Ageless of London today.